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Clean Air 
Support scientifically supportable and practicably achievable efforts to help areas which are in non-attainment come into attainment under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, help near non-attainment areas stay in attainment, ensure that the responsibility for emission reductions is shared equitably among all emission sources, and assure that efforts toward cleaner air are directed in a manner that balances environmental gain with economic impact.


Economic Development Funds 
Support targeting of State economic development funds and programs, including the Texas Enterprise Fund, for increased use in rural areas including Northeast Texas.


Electric Deregulation 
Continue to support delayed electric deregulation in Northeast Texas.


Family and Medical Leave Act  
Oppose efforts to lower the threshold for FMLA coverage from the current 50 employees. FMLA is one of the most burdensome and costly legislative actions for employers. While burdensome for large employers, it would be more burdensome for small employers who may not have an ample internal labor supply to adjust for additional leave.


Property Tax Relief/Tax Structure
Oppose efforts to increase the property tax burden since 58% of all property taxes are paid by businesses. 

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